Foxy Hotel

Foxy 2016

Check-in to the Foxy Hotel!

Swing swing swing! Our swinging 2016 campaign for Foxy Bingo sees Foxy keeping his fresh new look and getting his groove on in his very own Foxy hotel!

For opulence there is only one place to shoot the hotel and that is Budapest itself. As Foxy might well say “Grand”. The commercial is the first of six throughout 2016 where we follow our beloved fox through the lobby and down the corridors, popping up in the pool and rollicking in the restaurant, everywhere he goes spreading the Foxy fun!

Bell hops and bus boys, waiters and guests, everyone wants a piece of the Foxy action!

…the ad manages to seeminglessly swish and fancy to its target audience…  beating much of its competition hands down, or should i say eyes down – David Reviews

Foxy Bingo - Foxy's Hotel
Foxy Bingo - Cash Splash