TV SPONSORSHIP Positive Connections


Jellygun’s teams have produced a huge number of TV sponsorship campaigns over the years. We consider ourselves to be experts in finding TV sponsorship opportunities to raise awareness of your brand.

We’ve partner brands including Kellogg’s, Foxy Bingo, Knorr, Rachel’s Yogurt, French’s with programming on Ch4, 5, DAVE, SKY, Discovery, UK Drama, ITV and ITV2.

DACIA - sponsors Primetime on DAVE
FRENCH'S HOTDOGS - sponsors Discovery

A study by Channel 4 has found that 89% of consumers saw brands that sponsor TV as more trustworthy than other forms of advertising.

The study also found that brand sponsorship appeals to young audiences.


SKY VEGAS - sponsors Celebrity Juice
FOXY BINGO - sponsors The Jeremy Kyle Show
ITV BINGO - sponsors The Jeremy Kyle Show
HERBAL ESSENCE - sponsors Desperate Housewives
LURPACK - sponsors Jamie's Kitchen

How it works

The key to a successful TV sponsorship campaign is that the product and the programme have to sit comfortably together. The stronger the creative link with the programme, the stronger the recognition of the brand in the minds of TV viewers. The stronger the link, the bigger the boost to its metrics, especially purchase intent.

With no direct messaging allowed we’ve become adept at highlighting key brand attributes within our creative solutions.

KNORR - sponsors Home & Away
HEINZ - Can't Eat Without It
JUST EAT - sponsors Take Me Out
RACHEL'S YOGURT - sponsors Food Heaven
NISSAN - sponsors Sky Drama
FORD - sponsors UEFA Champions League
KELLOGG'S - Coco Porridge
118 118 - sponsors Drama on 4