Orange wanted to extend its Gold Spot cinema advertising into the digital realm while keeping the recognisable tone of voice of the beloved Mr Dresden & Elliot characters (Brendon Brown and Steve Furst). After developing a dedicated website (Orange Film Studios) Orange required a selection of spoof press junkets for imaginary movies – with an ‘Orange’ flavour.

Sharing writing duties with creative team David Cadji-Newby and Julie Barnes, Jellygun’s MC, took over Shepperton Studios to create a promotional spot for the launch of the Orange Film Studios.

ORANGE - Orange Film Studios

“I was really impressed with Jelly Gun’s creative vision, enthusiasm and professional approach. The team had a total understanding of our brand and have excelled in creating a series of laugh-out-loud funny films, which have been a great success.”

Noel Cottle, Senior Advertising Manager, Orange / EE

Originally concieved with an actor playing a movie reporter, Writer / Director Matt Carter decided to add a layer of authenticity to the films by reaching out to the go-to movie critic, Mr Mark Kermode.

Amazingly Mr Kermode jumped at the chance to meet the Orange Film Studios bosses, after years of watching them on cinema screens, it was a chance for him to meet them in person. Mark embraced the scripted and at times improvisational elements of the filming and delivered a brilliant and perfectly pitched performance.

ORANGE - Saving Private Ryans Number
Orange - Dial Hard

This excellent piece has film critic Mark Kermode interviewing Mr Dresden and his sidekick as the duo from Orange discuss their remake of Saving Private Ryan

5 Stars – David Reviews