Developing a Brand

Love him or hate him, Foxy the disco dancin’ northern vulpine became a familiar sight on screens across the nation. 

His TV campaigns dominated daytime television where he became adored by his loyal followers.

Jellygun founder Matt Carter had a simple but very effective approach to creating 10 years of hugely successful Foxy Bingo campaigns.

“Will my Mum like it!?”

Matt channeling his working class roots, created a hugely successful series of adverts that worked across TV, print and social media channels and his Mum did like them!

Using big known tracks, over the top dance routines and the occasional celebrity cameo Foxy’s world became beloved by all his players.

The 2015 version of Foxy created alongside Millenium FX still continues to be used today by Foxy Bingo owners GVC.

Foxy Bingo - Get Happy
Foxy Bingo - Grand Foxy Hotel


Check-in to swing, swing, swing!

The 2016 ‘swinging’ campaign for Foxy Bingo saw Foxy getting his groove on in his very own Foxy chain! Hasn’t this fox of the people done well!?

“Foxy – on a minuscule budget but bolstered by the brand’s sponsorship of ITV’s Jeremy Kyle Show – emerged as the year’s best-value TV advertising. In tough economic times, is there a lesson there for marketeers?”

Marketing Adweek

“40 seconds with lots of detail and foxy quips, the ad manages to seem swish and fancy to its target audience, which is what matters – beating much of its competition hands down. Or is that eyes down?”

David Reviews

Foxy Bingo - Sponsorship

Ten Years of Foxy

Over 10 years a multi-platform campaign continued to tie together TVC, sponsorship, radio, print and online.

2015 also saw further development of the Foxy brand by launching a new Foxy Casino campaign.

Foxy casino - Pier


Over the years ‘Foxy’ has stepped from the TV screen to 96-sheet billboards, bus backs and sides, and onto digital video walls around the UK, with tie-ins to charities including Comic Relief and Breast Cancer Awareness.

We used the distinctive vocal skills of ‘Foxy’bringing his presence to radio, with ads created throughout the year to support the TV offerings.

FOXY BINGO - Born Free
FOXY BINGO - We Are Family 2005
FOXY BINGO - What Foxy Did Next.