CARBUYER Taking your brand to TV

Challenger Brand

Dennis Publishing had never aired the brand on TV before. Existing growth had been organic and purely through SEO and PPC.

An integrated campaign was needed to explain the brand proposition to viewers and accelerate growth of site visitors and subscribers.

For maximum brand awareness the team created a campaign which focused on the people you should ‘never go to’ for car advice. Written by Yannakis Jones, using humour to promote the site, it created instant cut through despite a very limited media spend.

The campaign, directed by Matt Carter, used comic characters that would resonate with the audience; from boring ‘Uncle Barry’, to ‘Petrolhead Pete ‘ and ‘Posh Petulia’. The last people you want to ask about cars!

To achieve cost effectiveness a simple live action shoot, with a stripped down crew, enabled us to piggy back stills to create print for magazines and digital banners.

The initial campaign saw a 70% uplift in visitors to the website from a targeted TV region, which led to the commercial running nationally too.

Trusted advice? - CARBUYER